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DSC_0004Holy smokes do these look good or what?  Exactly what the doctor ordered… I’m not really a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once.    These babys were completely rebuilt & the only thing that is really from 1966 is the metal seat frame.  It’s been soda-blasted (similar to sand-blasting) and repainted.  The “blatters” have been replaced with new, as well as 100% of the cushions.  There is memory foam in the actual seat area, and I specifically asked to have the lumbar area built up for extra comfort on long flights.  I can’t wait to use them!

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Here’s an update on the side panels for the interior.  They are coming along beautifully!

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Primer applied


Here, she’s had her “high build primer applied & sanded.

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Body work

There was some hail damage which required condiderable body work.  Here you can see how they 2 tone the primer & sand the top layer to show where the uneven spots are.

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Etch & Alodine

Etch and Alodine

Although, it looks rusty, this is a chemical treatment called Etching & Alodine.  It serves two purposes, first it inhibits corrosion and protects the aircrafts aluminum.  The second, is that it allows the primer to adhere to the aluminum with a very strong bond.

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Getting Stripped!


How this process works is they apply a coating of stripper and let it sit for about  hour.  They scrub it off and apply another coat of stripper.   After it has sat for a while they use a high pressure, high temperature wash & it’s pretty much bare aluminum at that point.  Any small parts that were missed, are then stripped with a paintbrush & the chemical stripper.

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