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On the ground in Marana

One of the best photo’s I’ve taken of her to date.

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She Flies!

Well she’s finally out of the hangar & flying high. 
Flew formation up to Sedona with a friend of mine in his Pitts to get these photos.


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Paints DONE!!!

IMG_5228dMine, all mine!!! Finally!!!  I LOVE IT!

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All back together & Airworthy again!

IMG_4793Here’s her good side… Just kidding, they’re both good.  Once that bottom stripe is fixed (thicker) she’ll be going home with me.  Another week, or so I am told.


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Prop & ailerons installed


Almost ready to fly!


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A few things remain…


Went down to Falcon Field today to check her out.  Still have the Ailerons, Stabilator tips, prop,  and rudder installation to go.   She’s so pretty in person.  I also have to let a little nitrogen out of that front strut to level her out a bit.

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Posted by on July 16, 2009 in Exterior


Almost done with the paintjob.


Finally got to see how the scheme & the colors work together.  Simply beautiful!  Small problem with the thickness of the bottom black line, but they are correcting it.  Not sure what the blue tape is for, but I sure like how these tail numbers came out.  Very clean and modern looking.  Mission accomplished!  She’s still in a lot of pieces, but she’ll be coming home soon.

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Posted by on July 14, 2009 in Exterior