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Interior Photos

I’ve heard from a few folks that they’d like to see the interior.   Hmm…  I came up with these.
My buddy Adam (in the photos)  & myself flew up to Payson for lunch today. 

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Interior Work

This interior was completely stripped & rebuild using premium materials, Leather Seats & Side Panels, Ultra Suede Headliner, etc…
The work was done in a very hot hangar by Ron Matta of and myself.   The results are spectacular & I highly recommend him for anyone looking for “something better” than what everyone else offers. 

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Interior work in progress.

Some of these parts will be replaced with new  eventually, but for now, refurbishment is the answer.  That rear bulkhead will eventually become a recessed shelf, so I’m not too concerned I didn’t paint it perfectly horizontal.

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Stripped Interior:


Here’s a big job ahead.   After the paint is all signed off, it will be time to get the interior in order.  All of that fiberglass insulation is going to be replaced with the latest greatest space-aged soundproof, vibration dampening, insulation available.  Everything is going to look rich when I am done.   Sorry P.E.T.A, I am a real fan of your work, but it’s all leather panels and seats.   Custom interior work done by Aviation Creations from headliner to carpet. 

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DSC_0004Holy smokes do these look good or what?  Exactly what the doctor ordered… I’m not really a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once.    These babys were completely rebuilt & the only thing that is really from 1966 is the metal seat frame.  It’s been soda-blasted (similar to sand-blasting) and repainted.  The “blatters” have been replaced with new, as well as 100% of the cushions.  There is memory foam in the actual seat area, and I specifically asked to have the lumbar area built up for extra comfort on long flights.  I can’t wait to use them!

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Here’s an update on the side panels for the interior.  They are coming along beautifully!

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8483R Dropped off at Arizona Aircraft Painting (KFFZ)


This is my 1966 Piper Cherokee 140 that I decided to upgrade with new paint & interior.  This is the last photo of how she looked with the old paint.  Up close, her paint was Matte looking & had no shine to it.  It was oxidized also, but from a distance she looked good.  The wingtips and the strobe on the tail are new in this photo as well.


As you can see in this photo, I have already removed the carpet & seats.  Although the panels were in decent condition, they were a really dated design.  The carpet was the same color but quite aged & discolored.  Seatbelts are also getting replaced.

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