Prop & ailerons installed


Almost ready to fly!


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Stripped Interior:


Here’s a big job ahead.   After the paint is all signed off, it will be time to get the interior in order.  All of that fiberglass insulation is going to be replaced with the latest greatest space-aged soundproof, vibration dampening, insulation available.  Everything is going to look rich when I am done.   Sorry P.E.T.A, I am a real fan of your work, but it’s all leather panels and seats.   Custom interior work done by Aviation Creations from headliner to carpet. 

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A few things remain…


Went down to Falcon Field today to check her out.  Still have the Ailerons, Stabilator tips, prop,  and rudder installation to go.   She’s so pretty in person.  I also have to let a little nitrogen out of that front strut to level her out a bit.

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Almost done with the paintjob.


Finally got to see how the scheme & the colors work together.  Simply beautiful!  Small problem with the thickness of the bottom black line, but they are correcting it.  Not sure what the blue tape is for, but I sure like how these tail numbers came out.  Very clean and modern looking.  Mission accomplished!  She’s still in a lot of pieces, but she’ll be coming home soon.

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Here, the last color is going on, it’s Black with a red metal flake to it. 

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Here’s where all that bodywork really pays off, this is the first color coat & you can get an idea of how they do the taping off for the design features.  Although the N number is taped up, this was not it’s perminant location.

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Final Priming


This is the final primer coat before paint gets applied.

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