RC Airplanes/Heli’s

Blade 400

My latest addition to my models is the Blade 400.

Blade mSR

This is what I currently fly the most, Although it is Tiny (weighing less than 1oz.) she flies like a real heli. 
Getting good at this bird, makes the transition to gas heli’s much easier.
It’s got a fixed pitch single rotor.  She’s stable in a hover & can really move in forward flight.
This is a very fun bird! Amazing for it’s size.EFLH3000-ACT6

Blade CX3

I actually took my CX2 and upgraded a bunch of parts on her including
the body, to turn it into a CX3EFLH2000-ACT1

Blade CX2

This is my first true RC helicopter that could actually fly about all 3 axis’s. 
She’s just way to stable to fly in forward flight very well.  EFL1250-ACT4

Parkzone T28 Trojan

  • 480, 960kv Brushless Motor
  • E-flite 30A Brushless ESC
  • PKZ 1030 11.1v 220mAh 3S Li-Po Battery
  • PKZ 1012 Prop

Flys like a real plane (an overpowered real plane)  Fully aerobatic.PKZ4400-action-1

Spektrum DX6i

This is what I use to fly all of my models except the Supercub (it has older technology)
Now all I purhase are BNF (Bind and fly models) 10 model memory & 2.4 DSM Spread SpectrumSPM6600-GAL3

Parkzone Supercub

This is my first plane, a Parkzone Piper Super-Cub. 
No ailerons,  but she still flys very nicely.  A perfect first plane. 
As far as aerobatics, she can pretty much only do loops.HBZ7100GAL-J


2 responses to “RC Airplanes/Heli’s

  1. Joe

    August 24, 2009 at 11:30 am

    Nice pics of r/c planes and stunning paint job on the 140!

  2. luis

    May 31, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    hey man thx.for taking me up in your piper it was a lot of fun i would never forget


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